• Pelvic Trainer

    Training, relaxation and strengthening of the pelvic floor muscle improves your life. The Pelvictrainer® can be used by  mothers, diabetics, obese patients, those with (lower) back problems. The Pelvictrainer® is a medical device which is specifically developed and designed for power and coordination improvement of the pelvic floor muscles and for the treatment of functional disturbances of the pelvic floor. http://www.pelvictrainer.com/en/




  • Jeroen Pörtzgen, Personal Trainer

    At first I thought: seeing is believing. Now I am very positive about the effects. I use EasyTape® with acute and chronicle injuries.


  • Welcome

    EasyTaping®  is the latest revolution in the field of functional taping! More and more therapists and trainers are discovering the benefits. Check out this site for more information about EasyTape® , EasyTaping®  courses or find a therapist in your area. You can order EasyTape ® directly via our webshop.

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