• Pelvic Trainer

    Training, relaxation and strengthening of the pelvic floor muscle improves your life. The Pelvictrainer® can be used by  mothers, diabetics, obese patients, those with (lower) back problems. The Pelvictrainer® is a medical device which is specifically developed and designed for power and coordination improvement of the pelvic floor muscles and for the treatment of functional disturbances of the pelvic floor. The Pelvictrainer® can be used by both women a




  • Jeroen Pörtzgen, Personal Trainer

    At first I thought: seeing is believing. Now I am very positive about the effects. I use EasyTape® with acute and chronicle injuries.


  • Welcome

    EasyTaping®  is the latest revolution in the field of functional taping! More and more therapists and trainers are discovering the benefits. Check out this site for more information about EasyTape® , EasyTaping®  courses or find a therapist in your area. You can order EasyTape ® directly via our webshop.

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