The structure and properties of EasyTape® differ from those of conventional (sport-)tapes. Numerous advantages of EasyTape® follow from its special structure, material and unique way of production. It is made of a special cotton layer woven like human skin.

  • EasyTape® is 140-150% elastic like skin.
  • By its thickness and weight EasyTape® is comparable to skin—in the shortest while you do not notice wearing any tape at all.
  • EasyTape® is extensible in many directions: diagonally and round the axis.
  • EasyTape® lets air and water penetrate without interruption. The tape breathes, lets sweat evaporate and reduces possible skin irritations.
  • EasyTape® can be worn on your skin without any problems for several days, depending on the location of its application: 1-2 days on your hands and feet, 3-4 days on the rest of your body.
  • The water-resistant EasyTape® ideally adheres during the shower or swim.
  • Though functioning effectively as a pain soother, EasyTape® contains no medicines.
  • EasyTape® gets applied on your skin with extension and will shrink after. This causes pressure reduction and leads to pain alleviation and blood pressure improvement.
  • EasyTape® is easy removable and leaves no traces of glue after its use.


orangeThe effect of contraction and lifting (Shrink&Lift-Effect)

EasyTape® gets attached through extension of its substratum and contracts without effort after being applied. This "shrinking" is the central effect of all EasyTape®-applications. The tape lifts skin layers easily, which results in pressure reduction and pain alleviation. This contraction stimulates mechanical sensors in different skin- and fascial layers, in addition it produces a positive effect on muscular activity.

The difference between EasyTape® and any conventional sports tape

The traditional method of sport-taping is primarily oriented towards partial or maximal fixation. It hinders your joints from performing their natural activity: TO MOVE! Since standard sport-tapes are not elastic, they create additional pressure, moreover they make blood-vessels slow down in their functioning. Whereas EasyTape® is specially made for relieving the injured body part, activating blood circulation and stimulating the correct movement. As a result the application of EasyTape® provides quick recovery and healing.

The effect of EasyTaping®

EasyTape® differs in functioning from conventional tapes. EasyTape® supports the natural healing process of the body. As a result of the shrinking effect and the pressure reduction in the tissue the pressure on skin and muscular system can decrease. This improves blood circulation and drainage.




To diminish swelling and accerlate healing
IMG 3268 Fotor

Distortions and intensive muscular loading cause microscopically little splits in fascial tissue, which makes your body react with an inflammation. This reaction belongs to the natural healing process in your body. An inflammation is accompanied by an increased supply of blood to the injured body part and by a release of flood in the damaged tissue that looks like a swelling on the outside. The resulting pressure hinders, however, the flow of tissue fluid and nourishment substances. It may lead, for instance, to a sprain, being swollen and sensitive to pressure. EasyTape® creates an opposite effect because it lifts skin and makes pressure sink underneath the tape. This is the way to improve transportation of fluids heal quicker.

Pain relief

The pressure in tissue, skin, muscles and fascias increases irritation of pressure sensors provoking a sensation of pain (Press a sensitive spot, and it will hurt even more!). If you take the pressure away, and the pain will leave since the muscular system responses to a pain with a defense reflex through intensification of muscular activity (hypertone and spasm). The result is restricted mobility. In contrast, EasyTape® stimulates pressure decrease. Due to this the pain immediately subsides, the spasm eases off, the movement control improves and your fear to move changes into confidence that the healing process follows the best chosen way. The improved moving ability stimulates the circulation and healing process.



Lymph and ScarEasytape Lymph & Scar

To apply quick and easy long narrow strips Easytape for lymphatic drainage, edema therapy and scar treatment, Easytape Lymph & Scar is developed. Easytape L&S is cut into 1.25 cm width (with a length of 4.5 meters per roll).

How does lymph taping with Easytape Lymph & Scar tape work?

In order to stimulate lymph drainage, Easytape Lymph & Scar Tape is applied to the skin in the affected area to the point where lymph fluid has collected. Complaints like swellings, pain, or feelings of heaviness and fatigue can be reduced or even eliminated. When a joint of the patient can be move freely to its maximum range, a so called complete fascia stretching, the Easytape® Lymph & Scar Tape is applied in unstretched state. The less fascia stretching (bending of a joint) the more stretch shall be applied of the tape. Underneath the tape, the pressure is reduced (the tape shrinks up) so that the small lymphatic vessels can open up. Because of the difference in pressure, these small lymphatic vessels can now absorb the tissue fluid. The fluids absorbed are drained off to the lymphatic vessels and the swelling reduces.